Insourcing Partnership Service Levels

With Insourcing Partnership, we deploy self-managing deliverables-driven teams of varying size and composition to work on-site, side-by-side with your own IT team. This ‘one team approach’ gives the client high visibility and control, and ensures responsive, flexible, and dynamic delivery.

24/7 International is able to provide varying and escalating levels of Insourcing Partnership, appropriate to your needs. The high quality of service you can expect and have come to expect from 24/7 International gets even better, as we work more closely with you, and as our level of partnership and engagement deepens.

You will discover that unlike  staff augmentation arrangements, expanding and deepening your partnership with 24/7 International enhances and strengthens productivity, and generally reduces operational risks.

While every 24/7 International IT professional provides strong, competent, and deliverables-driven service, there are distinct advantages to having strong 24/ International teams working long-term and hand-in-hand with your internal teams. Long-term Team Deployments and Managed Service engagements enhance our  capability to adjust resources and formulate relevant and timely solutions. This also enhances our ability to deliver additional resources and scale up significantly when necesary.

Long-term Insourcing Partnerships provide relevant and ready solutions for issues that arise because of changing needs, and unexpected situations that are normal challenges in active business environments.

Service Level

Individual Deployment

Team Deployment


Managed Service




QUALITY MANAGEMENT. Stronger quality management and risk mitigation measures as   engagement level increases. 


TECHNOLOGY.  Better quality and more relevant resources deployed, and more stable support as engagement   level increases.



Individual Deployment provides IT professionals with right attitudes and a   sense of ownership and responsibility for their work.


Administrative support in terms of workload   balancing, planning for relievers/substitutes.


All resources experienced, intermediate to senior   level.



Team Deployment offers administrative services,   including managing leaves and dealing with overtime and non regular   deployments (holidays,evenings, etc)


Deliverables-driven orientation of all team members. Resources are committed to  delivering work completely, and on time.


Managed Service teams enjoy integrated human resource management and retention support.


Resources   have area expertise, and commitment to technological excellence.


Stable   availability of resources and support.




SERVICE DELIVERY. Closer, better coordinated, and more effective services as the   engagement level increases.


Individual/s work on specific tasks. Even when several resources are deployed, their tasks do not overlap.

Usually short term, 1-6 months or so.


Team of resources deployed to work on similar, overlapping, or related tasks.

Usually short term, up to 1 year.

Managed te am of resources deployed to work under one project.

Usually a year or longer engagement.    


COST MANAGEMENT. Resources managed in order to hit cost targets at any level of engagement, and improve cost management and efficiency as engagement level increases. 

RIGHT PRICING. Right pricing at any level of engagement, and improved value and cost effectiveness as engagement level increases.


Individual resources get job done within prescibed work schedules.

Provide information to help with work load balancing more effectively

Fixed monthly rates per deployed resource partner, where  requirements and responsibilities are clear.


Team guarantees compliance on project requirements.

Works outside end customer’s scope reported to client.

Assists in developing more accurate work estimates and rates for end customers.

24/7 International proposes and deploys additional resources, if needed for additional work requested by end customers.

Managed Service delivery managers utilize resources in the pool to ensure availability and support, but maintain  the flexibility to efficiently rotate resouces to other clients/projects.

Fixed monthly rate per team (blended rate per resource partner) where requirements and responsibilities are clear.