IT Services

24/7 International offers a wide range of IT services to help your organization achieve its business objectives.

We deliver most of our IT services via our Insourcing Partnership engagement model. We deploy self-managed teams of IT professionals on-site, and work on applications development, management, and support services side-by-side with our clients and their end customers. For offshore and off-site engagements, we offer Collaborative Outsourcing.

Our service offerings utilize SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle/Java technologies, and we have delivered successful solutions in the following service areas:

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Application Services

  • Application Development
  • Application Support
  • Application Management
  • Application Solution Innovation
  • Application Performance Tuning


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SAP ERP Implementation, Support, and Maintenance

SAP Implementation

  • SAP System Realization
  • SAP System Rollout

SAP Support and Maintenance

  • SAP GoLive
  • SAP Support
  • SAP Continuous Improvement

SAP Functional Services

SAP Techno-functional Services

Business analytics

Systems Analysis

Quality Assurance

Service Desk

Multi-platform Integration

Our experience across multiple technologies makes us particularly adept at delivering IT services in multi-platform environments. We have extensive experience integrating and developing tools across multiple platforms.