SQL Developer

Specifically, we are looking for a SQL Developer with competence in the following:

 Ability to manage SQL databases and Reporting Services security

 Ability to work individually or with a team

 Effective communication of information to team and end customers

 Must aspire to a culture of service excellence, always putting the customer, our people and our business at

the centre of everything they do

Skills and Qualifications:

 Server security and availability

 At least 2 years in IT operations with strong understanding of database structures, theories, principles, and


 Must have the following experience:

- Experience with use of Microsoft SQL (Preferably with MSSSQL 2005/2008/2008 R2).

- Has been involved in Database Design and Implementation.

- In Depth knowledge of Transactional SQL with the ability to create Queries, Views, Stored

Procedures, Triggers & Jobs.

- Experience with use of MS SQL Analysis Services & MS SQL Server Integration


- Experience with data management and data processing.

- Experience with database administration, security and ensuring server availability

- Understanding of, and experience with, server-client computing and relational database


- Performance monitoring and optimization

- Database backups and strategies, and restoration of lost or corrupted system databases

- Definition of SQL Server standards across the organization / knowledgeable of SQL

Server’s best practices

- Knowledge of reporting and query tools and practices.

- MDX knowledge is a plus.

- SQL Server Database Programming

- Database Design

- Database Administration

- Database Management

- Database Security

- Database Tuning

Personal Attributes

 Ability to work effectively on tight deadlines, as necessary

 Good customer service skills, including the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of


 Positive, productive team player

 Willingness to improve and learn new skills

 Motivated to become a team leader

Intrapreneurship combines the stability of regular employment with the potential, growth, and rewards of

entrepreneurship. Therefore, each of our IT professionals is our business partner, and we take recruitment and career development very seriously